…and I’m still on NL20.  The last months it was back and forth the whole time. After the last post I climbed back to around $800 and lost it in a jiffy again. So I had to slowly rebuild my bankroll, AGAIN. In between I managed to keep my bankroll for some time at around $650, but that was really frustrating cause I wasn’t making any progress. I even thought about giving up, but I’m glad I haven’t. The problem was that every time I won a big hand, one or two hands later the earnings were gone already, mostly because of bad beats. Of course I still have some problems letting go in situations where I’m beat, but then I want to know if my opponent has the hand I assume and can’t lay down. After all, I think I improved my game over the course of this last swing and the leaks are getting fewer. I’m still working on some issues but I know that I don’t make as many mistakes as in the past.

My bankroll right now is at $889 and I hope to break the $1000 barrier soon.

When I have achieved that I will make a bigger post with some hand samples as well.

So till then good luck at the tables!